The Facility

Our team at the BMC comprises researchers from neurosciences, behavioural and computer sciences in addition to mechatronic engineers and technical assistants especially trained in behavioural phenotyping of rodents.

The BMC diagnostics laboratory is equipped with the most recent technology for behavioural diagnostics and phenotyping of rats and mice. Twenty behaviour analysis rooms house about one hundred diagnostic testing procedures for neurological and psychiatric function in rodents.

Selection of mazes and operant systems available at the Berlin Mouse Clinic


Mazes and operant systems overview

Automated Behaviour Detection Automated Behaviour Detection Automated Group Cage Automated Group Cage - Operant Module Automated Group Cage - Animal Sorter Automated Group Cage
Automated Behaviour Detection Automated Group Cage – ID grid sensor Automated Group Cage – touch screen Skinner Box In-cage Operant Wall Touch Screen Chamber
Virtual Reality - Jetball Virtual Reality - Servoball Multi Conditioning Systems Acoustic Startle Response Disc Wheel in Home Cage Cage Running Wheel
Rotarod Grip strength Automated Ladder Rung Motility Staircase Reaching Chamber Sociability Apparatus
Ultrasonic Vocalisations Plantar Test Barnes Maze Elevated Plus maze Elevated Zero maze Holeboard
Morris water maze Object recognition test Open field Radial maze T-maze Y-maze
Dark Light box